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Membership Protocol


The chapter membership shall be limited to 32 members. 

Active Membership

The San Diego Commanderie welcomes active members who will be enthusiastic participants in chapter events and who are interested in taking an active membership role by helping with parlement planning and educational events. Chapter leadership is always open to new and creative ideas about how to engage our members in  the wine, culture and history of Bordeaux.  It is expected that members will be involved in co-hosting at least one parlement or education event every three years.


Order for Membership


The San Diego Commanderie welcomes Candidates of sound character who will contribute to the overall appreciation of Bordeaux wine and the conviviality and fun at member events. Member-Commandeurs of the San Diego Commanderie de Bordeaux may invite friends and acquaintances to a parlement or educational event when there is an interest in membership by someone the Member feels would add to the positive social fabric of the chapter.  The Member-Commandeur may propose and sponsor such an individual for membership.

The sponsoring Commandeur, with the help of the Membership Chair, will guide the Candidate through the membership vetting process.

A thumbnail sketch for proposing and sponsoring a Candidate for membership includes the following:

1. The Candidate will attend two chapter events, including parlements and educational events, as invited by sponsoring Commandeur.

2. The Candidate will complete a membership application to be distributed to the chapter Board. The Sponsoring Commandeur will request an application from the Membership Chair and email it to his/her Candidate, and ensure the completed application is returned to the Membership Chair.

3. The Candidate may attend a third meeting with chapter members, in a more intimate and informal setting with a smaller number of Commandeurs and Board members. The sponsoring Commandeur may organize this third meeting, which could be a lunch, brunch, dinner or a happy hour gathering. The expense of this third gathering will be shared by attendees.

Membership vetting process in more detail:

A sponsoring Commandeur will notify the Membership Chair, in a written letter or email, of the Candidate's degree of interest in joining the chapter, as well as a brief summary of his/her background. This will be transmitted to the Membership Chair following the Candidate's attendance at the first chapter event, where they have had the opportunity to become acquainted with a number of our Commandeurs..

The sponsoring Commandeur is encouraged to ensure that a good number of fellow Commandeurs have the opportunity to meet the Candidate.

After attending at least one chapter event the Candidate will have the opportunity to complete an application for membership to the sponsoring-Commandeur and the Membership Chair. The application will thereafter be emailed by the Membership Chair to all officers serving on the chapter Board.

It is the sponsoring-Commandeur's responsiblity to shepherd the Candidate through the introductions and membership process, with the chapter Membership Chair on hand to guide and facilitate the process and answer any questions. The chapter Maître is also always available to the sponsoring-Commandeur and Membership Chair to assist the process in any way. In some instances, where a majority of members still need to become acquainted with a Candidate, the Candidate may be invited to attend additional chapter events or informal gatherings.

Annual Dues and Assessments

Annual dues and wine cellar assessments are billed to members annually, usually in early January and are payable by January 31st of same calendar year.  Members who have not paid the annual dues and cellar assessment by a given deadline may not be invited to attend chapter events.

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